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Find out what digital transformation means and how it can revolutionize your business

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

We live in a hypertechnological society, where businesses have been diversified, competition has grown, varied and digital tools are an important part of everyday life, both in the professional and private spheres. In this context, the success of each individual and company depends largely on the ability to adapt to change.

The impact that the I.T. industry has on people, is undeniable and constantly expanding. Whatever the field of activity, technology integration has become a necessary and unavoidable step. The one-year pandemic has led to a generalized digital transformation, which the state institutions and especially the private companies have been forced to do in record time to avoid a fatal blockage

Nevertheless, what does digital transformation mean and why cannot it be delayed anymore?

Digital transformation is a complex reinventing process that involves harnessing new technologies to improve a company's activity in all its aspects. This process brings about a major change of perspective and reflects on the entire organizational culture.

Digital transformation creates a bridge between the products or services that you offer, the employees who develop these and the customers you work for. In short, the main intention behind the digital transformation is to do things as well as possible for both employees and customers.

Compared to simply digitizing in order to optimize processes, digital transformation is not just about getting the job done faster, it means using the resources technology offers in new, ingenious ways that match the specificities of your business. In other words, the digital transformation is about customizing a product or service so that your customer can get the most out of the buying experience.

Netflix provides a relevant and current example of this. The popularity the platform enjoys internationally illustrates the spectacular effects of digital transformation.

It is essentially about switching from the classic movie rental service to an online library of movies and TV programs, available on personal devices and it offers useful tips and reviews linked to user preferences as well. Through the mechanism put in place, Netflix manages to meet the varied expectations of customers. In addition, what can be more valuable to a company?

If the successful model offered by Netflix attracted your attention and you are tempted to take a step in the direction of digital transformation, it is good to be attentive to certain signs that show that your business needs such a change. Here are some alarm signals that should convince you of the opportunity for a digital transformation strategy:

  • your means of advertising so far no longer work and your references bring fewer and fewer customers, although you are working to maintain quality standards,

  • your team complains that the tools currently used are cumbersome and time consuming, which leads to delays or even mistakes in the job,

  • increasingly noticing communication difficulties between employees and/or between business compartments, which alters the atmosphere and relationships within the team.

When you face problems such as those mentioned above, digital transformation is the best solution, as it helps you to promote yourself to a larger and more relevant audience, get references that move more easily in the online environment, find more user-friendly applications to efficiently manage specific tasks and make your business information more accessible to all team members.

The decision to start the digital transformation of your company reflects, first, the concern about the course of your projects, as well as flexibility in thinking – a defining feature in the entrepreneurial environment. It also shows the willingness to grow, because digital transformation offers even small firms the chance to grow exponentially. Finally yet importantly, the adoption of a digital transformation strategy shows that you are aware of the huge potential of technology. It offers targeted advantages in any business, such as:

  • automatization of interaction with customers by integrating social networks into marketing efforts and, consequently, finding a significantly larger number of customers in a shorter time,

  • reduction of the costs allocated for promotion by abandoning the traditional methods involving production, multiplication and distribution of printed matter,

  • eliminating expenses for maintaining an establishment, in the case of companies that can operate exclusively online and can focus strictly on the development and maintenance of a website.

Therefore, the digital transformation is about reshaping the whole business and introducing

a different mindset. It is a way for the entrepreneur to change his mind regarding his business, reconsider the traditional meaning of team or department and refine the process of finding clients, abandoning the outdated principle that you expect the customer to find you. Through digital transformation, entrepreneurs who understand that it is preferable to be the one who finds a customer, not just one, but the one who best suits the products and services they offer, strengthen a proactive attitude.

One fact, which should be taken into account, is that the market has become more and more sophisticated.

Today, the customers themselves are putting significant pressure on digital transformation because they have access to mobile devices, they are permanently connected to social networks and therefore businesses are expected to make an effort to adapt themselves.

Perhaps your own experiences with a customer or entrepreneur have already convinced you that it is time to make use of the digital transformation of your business. Do you fear the constellations that this process might involve? Well, find out that perpetuating the old business model that does not bring you any more desired results is certainly more detrimental than a smart investment such as the one in digital transformation.

If you need help, our team is here to guide through all this process.

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