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Why should you choose us?

Why outsource IT services? 

Focus on business development
Outsourcing IT services will allow you to focus on the business and its growing, leaving all the IT related issues to your IT partner. Based on the maintenance contract, this will take responsibility for a proper operation of the IT infrastructure. 
Benefit from the expertise of an IT specialist team
Normally, your IT partner consultants meet various situations in the area of  IT maintenance, which leads to more expertise than an internal IT employee. This expertise will help solve your IT problems faster and better. 
Permanent IT support
IT support will be provided permanently, therefore you will not be dependent on a key person in your company. 
Thus, all the gaps due to holidays or IT employee resignation will be removed. 
Cost reduction
The costs with having an internal IT person can be quite high (salary, cell phone, laptop, company car, professional training, etc.). Outsourcing your IT services could cut these costs up to 80%. 

Why us? 

We understand your needs, your challenges with the IT infrastructure and together we will find the right/best solutions. 
We identify simple and efficient solutions to match your business. 
We create long term partnerships with our clients, based on trust. 
We focus on predictive maintenance of the IT infrastructure in your company. (We try to anticipate problems and create specific actions to prevent them). 

What are your benefits if you choose to work with us? 

Smooth and continuous operation of your IT equipment and software applications.
Working with proper IT equipment and software applications, to support your business development. 
Security of your company data. 
Increased protection against cyber attacks. 
Quick technical response. 


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