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Servicii IT

IT infrastructure maintenance

We ensure maintenance of one of the most important components of your business; it can be said to be the backbone of your company.

We are talking about IT infrastructure (computers, servers, networking equipment, etc.).

Why is IT infrastructure important?

Because all necessary applications for your business are based on this infrastructure in order to to function properly: the Internet, management software, accounting, invoicing, useful applications in any business (word, Excel, E-mail) and more.

What we can help you for in particular

  • Maintenance of computers (we like to say that "we exorcise" the computers when they are malfunctioning);

  • Server configuration and maintenance;

  • Security of the IT network (configuring routers, firewall, antivirus);

  • Providing backup of your critical business data;

  • providing technical support for your company's team, when they encounter problems with the operation of their computers or applications;

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